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La gazette du monde cadien.

Center for European Studies, Duke University

Find a French pen pal, consult French-English dictionaries, or find French media (newspapers, radio stations) online.
Wonderful graphics. Offers a daily mini-lesson in several languages, including French. (French)
This site offers a verb encyclopedia and French language book exchange. Also, learn five false cognates a week.

Take a tour of France
This guided tour of France available in French or English is designed for kids, but fun for adults, too. Zipzap covers everything from the Mona Lisa to escargots.

Helio, a non-profit organization based in Melun, France offers a free online tutorial with audio files.

Quia: Where Learning Takes You
A site filled with learning games for a variety of subjects and languages, including 218 French activities.

Wannalearn: Where the Web Becomes Your Teacher
Free online tutorials, free newsletter.

(A Cajun French Glossary (glossed in English)
A document in progress, this glossary is designed first and foremost as a resource tool for students of Cajun French at LSU, but entries are of general interest, too.

Évangéline: The Website (bilingue)
Available in two versions, English and standard French, this site presents a variety of short articles of cultural interest.

French and Cajun Language Resources (in English)
Includes links to other language sites, commercial sites and Cajun music sites.

Il était une fois l’Acadie (en français)
A very complete resource on the early history of the Acadians, includes maps, timelines and an interactive quiz game.

The Louisiana Catalog
This commercial website offers a large variety of Louisiana items, including books, tapes and videos which are not readily available elsewhere. You can purchase directly online or telephone your orders.

Louisiana French Literature (en français)
Centenary College has developed this amazing site, a great introduction to the literature of French-speaking Louisiana, including texts which are often difficult to procure in print.

Louisiana Voices: An Educator's Guide to Exploring our Communities and Traditions
If you,re interested in pursuing folklife projects, here,s the place to start.

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana
This site features French transcriptions and of several Cajun and Creole folktales, with English translations. Some stories have video clips of the storytellers performing.

What is Cajun French? (in English)
This brief essay describes some general features of Cajun French.


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